kagoshima,tokyo design office.

organic design’s stance

Freedom as much as possible, no control and not to get controlled, that’s the organic work style which we always have in our mind while we work. We think our work is to find and tell the worth of your company or business for creating your new markets and clients. “Change a way of thinking and perception” is our basic stance.


organic design’s staff

We have seven members of staff, a planner, graphic designers, web designers and a programmer. With these members, we are making web sites and printed matters. Based on marketing, we make our jobs and goal clear and aim to work effectively.


organic design’s studio

Yojiro studio is located in the area of Yojiro fishing park. There is a marina in front of the studio. We renovated 32 years old shipyard. Tokyo bay area studio is along Tokyo bay where is close to Tokyo station. All of them are in the environments where are near the sea at hand.

Yojiro studio in Kagoshima-shi

2-9-1 Yojiro Kagoshima-shi Kagoshima-pre, Japan
Yojiro studio in Kagoshima-shi is 4meters from the sea.
We renovated a shipyard and made this studio.

Google Map:鹿児島市与次郎スタジオ
Tokyo bay area studio

2-18-1-1331 Kachidoki Chuo-ku Tokyo-to, Japan
Tokyo bay area studio is 6meters from the canal. It’s located in Tokyo bay area where is under the redevelopment and Olympic will be.

Google Map:東京都中央区勝ちどきスタジオ
TEL 099-214-8170 FAX 099-214-8186